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“APQC's work is grounded, is focused on the actual experience of workers and managers trying to work with knowledge, and conveys findings in clear and easily absorbable forms. I salute Carla and her esteemed coworkers at APQC, who have steadfastly carried forth the mission of understanding knowledge as the critical thing that it is for organizational as well as human progress.”

–Larry Prusak
founder and executive director of the Institute for Knowledge Management

“You may think you know knowledge management, but this is new—how knowledge initiatives can incorporate social media, mobile technologies, and learning, for example. This book integrates the new knowledge management with the best of the old, such as communities of practice and measurement. KM still matters, and this book tells you why.”

–Thomas H. Davenport
President's Distinguished Professor of IT and Management, Babson College

“Over the last decade, knowledge management has emerged as a key success factor for the modern corporation, driven by tremendous advances in business analytics. This book studies the best practices in knowledge management and how leadership companies are applying them today.”

–Virginia M. Rometty
Senior Vice President and Group Executive Sales, Marketing and Strategy, IBM

“The authors and APQC have put together an excellent 'how to' manual for Knowledge Management (KM) that can benefit any organization, from those experienced in KM to those just starting. The authors have taken their years of experience and excellence in this field and written a masterful introduction and design manual that incorporates industry best-practices and alerts readers to the pitfalls they are likely to encounter. This book needs to be in the hands of every KM professional and corporate senior leader.”

–Ralph Soule
a member of the US Navy

“The New Edge in Knowledge is a useful how-to manual that takes best practice sharing and organizational capability building to the next level: Web 2.0, social networking, mobility, and communities of practice. National and international examples show how companies can create strategic alignment and systematic management to transfer knowledge rapidly and effectively.”

–Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Harvard Business School professor and author of SuperCorp: How Vanguard Companies Create Innovation, Profits, Growth, and Social Good

“What has made our KM program strong is sticking to the fundamentals -- that's exactly what this book outlines. It provides trusted advisor guidance on how any company or organization can take the concrete steps to create and implement a world class KM strategy.”

–Dan Ranta
Director of Knowledge Sharing, ConocoPhillips

“Carla O'Dell and Cindy Hubert have written an amazingly down to earth, useful and practical book on knowledge management and its importance to modern business. Starting with the distinction between information and knowledge, they provide a viewpoint that leaves IT in the dust. Read it to prepare for tomorrow's world!”

–A. Gary Shilling
President, A. Gary Shilling & Co., Inc.

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APQC Leaders Author The New Edge in Knowledge from John Wiley & Sons: Definitive Guide on Enterprise Knowledge Management

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